Para empezar description project

In class we are working on describing ourselves and others, we talked about what we like to do in our free time and we learned how to say and write descriptive sentences.

I learned how to describe myself and others and what they liked to do.

I created a project that demonstrates my ability to use this content in the target language.


(Health)How Methamphetamine affects the Digestive System

Commercial Critiques: Health Project

Commercial Critiques:Health Project



#3fictionalcharacters- Spanish 1 Honors.


This assignment has to do with my Spanish class, we are doing describe yourself as 3 fictional characters, as you can see. This reflects of what we are doing in Spanish because the past few weeks we have been learning about how to describe ourselves and others in Spanish. I chose Brave, Vanellope, and Pippi Longstocking because I think they describe me very well.

Hola, Yo soy Katie. Yo soy Valiente, travieso, de locos, atlético, honesto, talentosa y muy hambriento. Me gusta comer, dormir, jugar a los deportes, tocar en la banda, manejar y mirar netflix.

Recreating my linear art design.

We did a linear art design in my math class, if you would like to recreate my design click MathProject.


Genius hour.

I have chosen the topic of helping children in the hospital be happier, to children that have to spend their whole life in the hospital. I want to make it where they think they belong even though they are different. To make them forget that they have something wrong with them and still play like they don’t have anything wrong. It would be the least I could do, I would love to see kids and help them feel better about themselves. I have thought of some hospitals to visit so far. We have been looking for places to get books and toys.Some places we have been looking at are 2nd hand stores like; Goodwill, Ross, and etc.The hospitals we have been looking at are in Texas and Louisiana.Also, we might get clothes for the children and we dress up like something funny to make them laugh and have a good time.

Math Project


Adopt an Element- Argon!!!

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