(Health)How Methamphetamine affects the Digestive System

Commercial Critiques: Health Project

Commercial Critiques:Health Project




Recreating my linear art design.

We did a linear art design in my math class, if you would like to recreate my design click MathProject.


Math Project


Adopt an Element- Argon!!!

My Favorite Kid President Video



In world war two Gentiles were persecuted because they were not Jewish, the Jewish made fun of them for that, the Jews didn’t like them also and thats another reason they got persecuted.

    One reason they were persecuted is because they were not Jews, They didn’t live by the Jewish laws, and how they lived.Another reason is because they believed Jesus was the Son of God, they preached Jesus’ words and they believed that Jesus died for our sins.

    The Jews didn’t like the Gentiles because, Gentiles went with Jesus and Jews went with Jesus because when jesus came into the world he said, That everyone should be let in to go to heaven and the Jews didn’t like that and thats why Jesus died because of the Jews.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_Christians_in_the_New_Testament#Examples_of_ persecution_in_Luke.

The best gift I gave!

The best present I did was help a homeless guy, We were at Sonic and my mom got some tea and My brother and I got soda, when we pulled up to the window they asked us if we want 5 free burgers because the lady before us ordered them but never took it so we took it and I said, we can give the burgers to a homeless guy, then we went to Walmart, when we got there we say the guy and we said, HEY! you can have these burgers if you want and he said, no they are for your kids, and we said, no there not you can have them then he said, thanks alot!

It made me feel how we have a lot in our life and think about all the people that don’t have anything, and I was so happy helping him.

I think it made him feel really happy that someone cares about him.

I think its better give because you can help peoples life by giving stuff to them, like how I gave burgers to a homeless guy.

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